Our unique HR platform – developed in cooperation with KU Leuven – matches candidates and companies.

CANDIDATESWe screen their core competencies, personality, interests, career drivers and much more. In order to make a match for them in terms of function and corporate culture.

COMPANIESWhat are you looking for in a candidate in terms of core competencies, motivations, personality traits, ...? List it and receive screened candidates who match the positions within your company.

myCareerCompanion can also facilitate the screening of applicants so that you can recruit the right talent for the right place.

Influx of talents

+ 10.000 candidates to fill your vacancies.

Do selection agencies not supply you with (good) candidates? Have you been digging out LinkedIn several times? Old recruitment methods are no longer sufficient. Our HR platform provides an influx of screened candidate profiles qualified for your company, 365 days a year, 24/7.

  • 72% are open to new job opportunities
  • Screened by our HR algorithm
  • +/- 5.000 new talents every year
Trusted by the HR professionals of:

What information is available about our candidates?

Every talent who uses myCareerCompanion to orientate himself/herself on the labor market will receive an overview of the following in his/her profile.
This way you, as an HR professional, get a total picture of the candidate qualified for your company.


We make a distinction between general competencies and job-specific competencies.

General Competencies
Non-technical, more general skills that enable people to deal with certain situations. (leadership, decisiveness,..)

Job Specific Competencies
Competencies that are essential to be able to perform the specific job properly. The skills are less general in nature (e.g. marketing knowledge, presentation skills, ..)


What values does the candidate consider as highly important? Which elements have an impact on his/her motivation (e.g. entrepreneurship, challenge, teamwork,…)? It is important to test these drivers against the culture of your company.


Get to know the domains of which the candidate indicates that he/she wants to discover more about. As an HR professional, these insights give you the tools to tailor a job even more to someone’s personal needs.


Based on all the insights that our algorithm gains into the candidate’s profile, we also propose potential positions for each candidate in which he/she would fit. As well as the learning gaps that may apply.


As an HR professional, you know better than anyone that the success of a new recruitment is related to a match between his/her personality and the company culture. myCareerCompanion analyzes and displays this match.

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A continuous, qualified inflow of talents tailored to your company from €10.450

5 benefits for your HR.



Our talent pool is constantly kept up-to-date. One of the greatest strengths of myCareerCompanion is that the talent also decides when he or she is ready for the next step in the labor market. By proactively opening yourself as a company to introductions with such interesting profiles, you run a much lower risk of missing out on that one top match. It’s up to you to decide when to turn on the talent tap.


We are not a traditional CV supplier. We work towards an introduction that we believe has the best chance of success in the long term, based purely on an objective assessment of the professional wishes of the talent in question. Moreover, this talent immediately lands on your radar when he or she indicates this. In other words, the moment an introduction has a maximum chance of success in a long-term collaboration.


We focus on the search, so that you can focus on the further development of the talents within your company. Don’t waste seas of time on long recruitment processes, cut the number of job interviews and invest your time and energy in the growth of profiles with an optimal chance of success.


A talent who is convinced of your company both in terms of job content and culture and who can also use all his strengths with you, is inclined to remain loyal for longer. And a motivated employee is a productive and qualitative employee, who also commands respect inside and outside the company walls.


How satisfied is the employee after six months in his new workplace? And how does he score in the eyes of his employer? The Net Hiring Score (NHS) is one of our anchor points for measuring the quality of the influx via myCareerCompanion.

How other HR professionals experience myCareerCompanion

A&C Systems

Heidi Verhoeven - HR Manager

“Thanks to Talent Tap, we are introduced to candidates that we would not otherwise have come across. Candidates where the matching with our corporate culture but also job content has already been done. This ensures that we can stay ahead in the ‘war for talent’.”


Joke Moerkerke - HR Business Partner

“From the moment we see opportunities in our organization to expand in the future and want to recruit extra talent for this, we engage Talent Tap. In this way, we gain a lot of proactiveness in the delivery of suitable candidates.”


Wendy Coenen - Country Manager MS Belgium

“myCareerCompanion has a high-quality screening: when we get someone forwarded, we know it’s recommended to get to know that person. In addition, we also have to reject fewer people because of the high-quality selection.”

Bank J.Van Breda & C°

Eleen Wouters - Specialist rekrutering en selectie

“If you work with open vacancies, the talent pool available at that moment can be very small, so that you may have to make unintentional compromises. Talent Tap on the other hand continuously searches for talents that are really a fit for us.”

Our solutions from hire to retire


Influx of talents

Ensure a continuous, high-quality influx of potential employees. Our Talent Tap generates a continuous flow of talent. Stop wasting your time searching on the known platforms. Our algorithm runs 24/7 for you and presents talents that match 100% with your company culture.

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Screening of applicants

Minimize the chance of a wrong recruitment and assess applicants in a uniform, objective and scientific way? Talent Scan provides all candidates with valuable insights and also helps those who are not recruited. In this way, your company plays an important role in everyone's career.

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Internal mobility

What are the competencies, motivations and interests of your current employees? Can they fill some of your open positions? Keep your finger on the pulse thanks to our algorithm that provides you and your employees with crucial insights. Facilitate internal mobility and offer motivated employees a long career within your company.

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Unfortunately, sometimes you have to let people go. Our Talent Scan gives you a better idea of their further career options. Employees receive valuable insights into their competencies, motivations and corporate cultures that suit them best, in a uniform, objective and scientific way. In addition, you give them access to interesting training courses via our platform to boost their further career.

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