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Apply confidently with myCareerCompanion

04 July 2023

Since the beginning of this year, Saar Van Cuyck has been working as a Communication Support at Tree Energy Solutions. Although this could have turned out completely differently if she hadn’t gotten to know myCareerCompanion. For example, she now knows which company culture suits her best and interesting jobs were suggested to her that she had never thought of. A lot of things to talk about during a conversation with her.


In function of her search for an ideal internship during her final master year, Saar first came into contact with myCareerCompanion. It was an advice from the UAntwerp to check whether the internship company is a good fit for her as a person. Saar also says that it was also very helpful to gain more self-knowledge.

“Above all, it gave me clarity in what I wanted to do after my studies. Initially, my myCareerCompass confirmed a lot of things that I assumed were applicable to me. Although there were also some surprising results. For example, my preferred corporate culture is ‘Structure’, while in the past I always thought I could perform optimally in a start-up or scale-up environment. Without this insight, I probably would never have applied for a job at such a large company as TES.”

Apply confidently

Because Saar had indicated in her account that she was open to job opportunities, myCareerCompanion contacted her at the end of last year for exploratory talks regarding a number of interesting options.

“These options were almost always in line with my expectations. Unfortunately, I missed the job a number of times due to other strong applicants. When the position of Communication Support at TES was proposed to me a little later, I didn’t have to hesitate long to apply and sign. Sander, my contact person at myCareerCompanion, already knew me inside and out, so I knew that every proposed track would be an interesting track for me. The fact that he always first explained exactly what the job entailed before introducing me to the company, always made me confident towards the applications.”

Five months later, Saar is still happily working at TES. Her duties include taking care of internal communication to all employees so that they all remain informed and the values ​​and mission of TES continue to live among the employees. Supporting internal events is also part of her responsibilities. When we ask her how she feels now at TES, we get this answer:

“I joined a company with high expectations and people who work very hard for a common mission. That is, despite the fact that it can be heavy at times, a nice feeling. TES is also a very warm and human organization that is open to open communication. Something you might not immediately expect from a company active in the energy sector. I am therefore very grateful that myCareerCompanion introduced me to such a great company.”

myCareerCompanion, something for you too?

“Personal, informative, driven and specialized” are the words when we ask Saar what words she would use to describe myCareerCompanion.

“myCareerCompanion gave me a clear direction. For example, I always checked vacancies outside myCareerCompanion against my myCareerCompass results to check whether the position was in line with me as a person. The fact that myCareerCompanion itself was able to propose functions to me only made me even more confident. You always put me at the center of the story, which always made me feel comfortable. It is with great pleasure that I have already recommended you to a number of friends of mine.”

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