How does myCareerCompanion work?

We have 3 building blocks:

1. Get to know yourself: How well do you know yourself? What sparks your interest? Which working environments do you identify with? Based on five questionnaires, you’ll learn about your strengths, interests and job preferences. Our scientifically validated algorithm translates your results into possible job functions and company cultures that naturally fit your profile. All nicely made visible in your myCareerCompass section.

2. Learn and build your brand: How do you write a convincing CV? How can social networks, such as LinkedIn, help build your professional career? And how to prepare for that dreaded first job interview? These are some examples of our courses that you can find at the myCourses section of your myCareerCompanion account.

3. Get introduced: And it gets even better. You can even choose to be contacted by our partner Crossbridge, who will match your profile with concrete job opportunities and introduce you to your future employer.

Who can use myCareerCompanion?

myCareerCompanion can be used by last year students and by employees during their whole career. We have different journeys for youngsters who are still studying as well as for people with experience. When you’re still a student or when you just graduated and have no experience yet, just fill in your study. When you already have gained some experience, fill in your work experience and you will be guided to the right track automatically.

Can myCareerCompanion help me with personal career coaching?

Yes, we can help you with personal career coaching. In the section “myCourses” there is an option to arrange a personal coaching interview with one of our talent coaches. Just push that button and we’re looking forward to meeting you in person!

How can myCareerCompanion help me in my job search?

Yes, we can help you with concrete job opportunities. When you register at myCareerCompanion, you fill in your profile settings and there you can tick the option that you want to be contacted by partners of myCareerCompanion. These partners can contact you with concrete job opportunities. No worries, this will only happen if you tick that option, they will not contact you if you don’t want them to.

How much does myCareerCompanion cost?

We have some good news, myCareerCompanion offers quite a lot of free services. For example, all our questionnaires in myCareerCompass are for free. If you want to follow some courses or get extra insights, then we offer you the option to just pay for what you exactly want.

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