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From hire to retire

Do selection agencies not supply you with (good) candidates? Tired of wasting a lot of money and time on a wrong hiring? Do you know your human capital? Thanks to our HR platform, we map out talent and help you as an HR professional with:

  • The influx of talents
  • Qualification of talents
  • The right talent in the right place
  • Positive exit story

Our solutions


Influx of talents

Ensure a continuous, high-quality influx of potential employees. Our Talent Tap generates a continuous flow of talent. Stop wasting your time searching on the known platforms. Our algorithm runs 24/7 for you and presents talents that match 100% with your company culture.

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Screening of applicants

Minimize the chance of a wrong recruitment and assess applicants in a uniform, objective and scientific way? Talent Scan provides all candidates with valuable insights and also helps those who are not recruited. In this way, your company plays an important role in everyone's career.

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Internal mobility

What are the competencies, motivations and interests of your current employees? Can they fill some of your open positions? Keep your finger on the pulse thanks to our algorithm that provides you and your employees with crucial insights. Facilitate internal mobility and offer motivated employees a long career within your company.

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Unfortunately, sometimes you have to let people go. Our Talent Scan gives you a better idea of their further career options. Employees receive valuable insights into their competencies, motivations and corporate cultures that suit them best, in a uniform, objective and scientific way. In addition, you give them access to interesting training courses via our platform to boost their further career.

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