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Saar Van Cuyck

Communication Support at Tree Energy Solutions

I am very grateful that myCareerCompanion introduced me to such a nice company. I have therefore already enthusiastically recommended myCareerCompanion and its platform  to several friends of mine.

Toon Agten

Test Engineer at Bank Van Breda

I thought IT was no longer an option for me because of my previous career choices. Thanks to myCareerCompanion, I came to the conclusion that this was absolutely not the case. Now I’m glad I followed this insight.

Thomas Valgaeren

Management Trainee at Ormit Talent

A business environment that suits me well or in which I feel good? I had no clue. Fortunately, the results of myCareerCompanion made this tangible for me. Now I realize how important a good fit with company culture is.

Chen Yeung

Product Support Consultant at TOPdesk

I felt insecure taking my first steps into the job market. Was I making the right choices? The platform gave me the confirmation and reassurance I was looking for. I can recommend it to everyone.

Katrien Vandewaerde

Interne Accountmanager at HP inc

myCareerCompanion encouraged me to look more out of the box, beyond my degree. As such, after my first work experience, I was introduced to job opportunities outside my comfort zone as a bio-engineer,  which at the same time completely matched my skills and interests.

Bert De Koster

Software Engineer at Panenco

Thanks to the myCareerCompanion platform, I learned a lot about myself: what motivates me and what types of companies suit me. But especially which types of jobs match my skills and interests. This was an ideal starting point for me to start my job search.

The only platform offering you 360° career insights

We start from the core: your professional DNA. We map that out first.

Your professional DNA is the foundation for step 2: an insight into suitable positions, job descriptions and the company culture that makes you feel good. In step 3, we give you tips & tricks for your next step. Our job opportunities or digital courses will also help you on your way.


Your professional DNA

Your professional DNA

A hands-on overview of your skills, interests and career drivers. To expand or concretise your self-knowledge. Or to use during feedback sessions, growth conversations or job applications.


Your labour market fit

Your labour market fit

Which roles and functions align with your professional DNA? In which business environment do you feel good and where can you maximise your growth? Discover the part of the job market that suits you. Or be surprised by new paths!


Your next step

Your next step

Get started with your insights. Difficult for you? No worries, we've got your back. With our digital courses and tips & tricks, you take control of your professional growth. Considering a new challenge? Get inspired by job opportunities tailored to your needs.


You have been in the same job for a while and you are curious to know which jobs or roles also align with your professional DNA.

You are not sure in which business context you fit best: SME, start-up, goal-driven organisation, formal structure, (social) profit organisation, etc.

You have doubts about your skills, your interests or what motivates you as a professional. About what makes you happy and gives you satisfaction in a job.

You want to take the next step in your career, but you are not sure how to start.

You are looking for a new direction in your career. What types of companies or new career paths suit you.

You have a broad field of interest and you would like to know which job functions best align with your professional DNA.

You want to see your gut feeling or choices scientifically substantiated.

Start now if you...

  • are willing to commit time and focus to go through the platform.
  • have an open mind to discover your professional DNA and new career paths.
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