Let’s unwaste talent

Together we ensure that no more talent is wasted. myCareerCompanion maps out your talent, helps you to develop to the fullest and supports you in the search for that one job that suits you best. The result? A sustainable match between you and your future employer.

No place for coincidence, only for science


MyCareerCompanion is a unique online platform. Young professionals are given the opportunity to gain very detailed insights. About their own personality, talents and great strengths, but also about their ideal job and company culture. The scientifically and academically based algorithm behind the platform guarantees the most accurate results. This creates the maximum chance of a successful introduction between talent and employer.

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Career Compass

Our myCareerCompass leads you to the next important step in your career. We fire a number of questions at you, your honest answers provide a complete and accurate overview of your skills, talents and interests. And tells you which jobs and company culture suit you best.


Job introduction

Who is the ideal employer based on the answers given in your myCareerCompass? Our science-based algorithm will figure it out for you for free with specific job opportunities as a result. No headhunting practices, you – and only you – decide whether we can arrange a meeting. In the meantime, your identity will remain secret.

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Talent courses

From helping you out with applying for a job to presenting like a president. Enjoy our ever-growing range of e-learning modules and video courses to broaden your knowledge and fine-tune your professional skills.


Sem Verbeke

Master of Science in Public Administration and Management - UGent

“I found myCareerCompanion a refreshing platform that gave me extra information and opened my eyes for new directions. It brings clarity, especially when you don’t really know what you want.”

Katrien Vandewaerde

Internal Accountmanager at HP inc & Master Bio-engineering sciences – KU Leuven

“This platform encourages you to look beyond your degree and find a job and company that are completely in line with your greatest strengths. After completing myCareerCompass, I fully dared to look for job opportunities outside my comfort zone. I switched to a completely different sector and it was a great success.”

Emma Gröger

Master of Laws – VUB

“I really enjoyed myCareerCompanion. It analyzed my personal skills down to the last detail. The platform also gave me the opportunity to increase my self-knowledge. This will certainly be an extra asset during my future job interviews.”

Elke Pardon

Legal-HR Support Manager at Definam & Master in Corporate communication – KU Leuven

“Finally, some clarity! myCareerCompanion confirmed what I deep down already knew but had difficulties to express. It gave me the confidence to relaunch my career in the right direction!”

A tailor-made career in 3 steps

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Place of happening: a clear and user-friendly online platform. Our scientifically-based surveys lead the way to professional growth.



After completing the surveys in your myCareerCompass, you will receive a detailed summary of your greatest strengths, as well as the jobs and work environments that suit you best.



Growing means learning. Our online courses offer you extra knowledge, both during the search for that one suitable employer and during your career itself. Once we have the right job at the desired employer in mind, you decide whether there will be a first introduction.

tap into talent

MyCareerCompanion is a 24/7 up-to-date, proactive and qualitative pool of young talents. Ready at any time to move on to the right job and the right company. In this way, we aspire not to waste any talent and to optimize every talent in professional life.
  • Unique platform
  • Candidate as starting point
  • Scientifically and academically based matching algorithm
  • Continuous and qualitative inflow of talent
  • Valuable introduction between talent and employer
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