myCareerCompanion teams up with Crossbridge to offer you a new way of talent attraction. 


An innovative and pro-active way of continuous scouting for talents to fill your talent pool with company culture and job content matched talents.

Talent attraction


Each year, thousands of talents indicate on myCareerCompanion to be open for a new opportunity and want to get introduced to companies and jobs through our partner Crossbridge.


As a myCareerCompanion user, you receive a personalised output with a clear view of job functions and company cultures that match your profile, independent of any company.


Afterwards, a matching algorithm between myCareerCompanion and Crossbridge can be applied which allows sustainable and scientifically validated matching results. Crossbridge will contact the talent when there is a match between their unique profile and one of Crossbridge's customers. Because Crossbridge firmly believes in a phygital approach, they like to combine these scientific results with a personal screening to confirm the match. As such, your talent pipeline will be permanently and proactively filled with company culture and job content matched candidates.


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