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myCareerCompanion’s proactive way of talent attraction

04 September 2021

An innovative and proactive way to continuously scout talents and introduce them to your company so you can hire them before your competitors do. A&C Systems is also a fan of this proactive approach. We asked HR manager Heidi Verhoeven about her experience with myCareerCompanion.

Why do you think proactive recruitment is important?

I strongly believe in myCareerCompanion’s Talent Tap. With traditional recruitment, when looking for a new employee, you are always limited to the candidates that are available at that time. There is only a small chance that the white raven is among them at that moment.The moment such a person passes by, it is a shame not to do anything with it and as an organization you will regret it afterwards.

What reasons do you have for recruiting in a more proactive way?

As a recruiter you notice that the ‘war for talent’ is raging and that means that we have to be creative in the way we attract new employees. Simply posting vacancies and waiting for candidates no longer works. That’s why we want to approach it differently at A&C Systems by making sure we already have the right candidate when we need to start looking.

What are the advantages of Talent Tap?

Thanks to Talent Tap, you – as an organization – can attract real top talents on the moment they are open to it. You are not limited to the pool of candidates that are available at that moment, but you can really go for the white raven.


To what extent does Talent Tap help you win the ‘war for talent’?

The match between the individuality of the company and the individuality of the candidate is crucial and a very important condition for developing a sustainable relationship in the long term. Thanks to Talent Tap, we are now offered candidates who have already been matched with our company culture but also job content wise. Candidates that we might not have caught through traditional recruitment, or perhaps too late. This ensures that we can stay ahead in the ‘war for talent’.

What HR-tips would you pass on to other organizations or HR professionals to adopt a more proactive approach to hiring?

Less box-thinking, in all areas. I still see a lot of vacancies where diploma requirements are crucial. For me, this is secondary to motivation, potential and competences. I think we should be less rigid with job descriptions and “ideal candidates”. An open mind is important; we therefore always look at motivated candidates with a broad view. Just because they apply for one particular job doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a better fit for another position in the organization. The fit with the corporate culture is an important first check and then we look for the right place in our organization. We have already experienced this with a few candidates and they are extremely grateful for that sustainable relationship and perfect match.

Thanks to Talent Tap, we are offered candidates that we would not have met otherwise

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