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How myCareerCompanion guided PhD Thomas in his career path

26 August 2022

After completing two higher educations and the end of his PhD in sight, Thomas had a lot of knowledge, but unfortunately no clear career path. He needed direction. He created an account on myCareerCompanion in his search for a job that really suits him. Spoiler alert: even though he didn’t know what he was looking for, Thomas found exactly what he needed. Read his story here. 

Need for direction

Thomas’ broad field of interests led to a variety of studies: a master’s degree in linguistics and literature, a master’s degree in business communication and a doctorate in Religious Studies. Lots of variation, but no clear direction. That made it difficult for him to decide what the next step in his career would be.

Last year in August he came into contact with myCareerCompanion via YouReCa (the career development platform of KULeuven). Since his doctoral contract was due to expire in October and the clock was ticking, he started working with the platform in an open-minded way.

More insight into what is important and to what extent

“The results of myCareerCompass have given me even more insight into myself. I knew which things were important to me, but not what the order was in terms of priority. For example, I discovered that teamwork and contributing to society are more important to me than making a career. I also learned which company culture I would fit in best, something I had never thought about before,” Thomas says.

A job he would never have considered

“In my search for a job, I mainly preferred communication-related positions, but I was also open to other things in the business world. The Talent Success Managers of myCareerCompanion introduced me to Ormit Talent, a consultancy company in Brussels.”

“After an efficient application process, I started working at Ormit Talent as a Management Trainee at the beginning of this year. I was soon assigned a project at GlaxoSmithKline. As a project manager, I provide support for changes in various areas within the company.”

“I never thought I would end up in this job, but I am very grateful for it. Without the help of myCareerCompanion, I might have done something completely different right now that wouldn’t suit me.”

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