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Talent platform myCareerCompanion grows 60% in 2022

14 December 2022

In 2020, entrepreneur Raf Cuyvers launched MyCareerCompanion. A technology platform that, thanks to the algorithm – based on scientific research by Professor Eva Kyndt – helps future, current and former employees to determine their next career step. And that also matches employer and employee. “Our platform already went through quite an evolution, but the service of ‘companionship’ for individuals and companies has never changed”, says Cuyvers.

War for talent requires new tools

Vacancies that stay open for a long time are a well-known problem. But the risk of (good) people leaving the company is even more relevant today. This puts ‘internal mobility’ high on the agenda within boardrooms. And therefore the screening of your own employees. Skills, personality, career drivers and much more.

“myCareerCompanion offers the solution here: on the one hand, our platform has a talent pool of more than 10,000 professionals, which allows us to ensure the inflow of new employees. On the other hand, it also offers a talent scan service, which enables companies to orient both applicants and existing employees to the right position. So it offers support both in attracting new talents and in the context of internal mobility. It also gives companies tremendous insights into human capital”, Raf continues.

2022: Proof of concept & first steps on Dutch soil

“Although 2021 was a successful year as well, I really evaluate 2022 as the year of the breakthrough. After all, strong employers such as SD Worx, Fujitsu, Fluxys, Ypto and many others chose to put their eggs in our basket. Then you know that we are hitting the right note and are putting a high-quality platform on the market,” says Cuyvers.

Now that the first parties in the Netherlands are also finding their way to the platform, the first international success is also in sight for the Antwerp HR tool.

2023: Even more BI and data insights

myCareerCompanion, meanwhile, is eagerly looking forward to 2023 and aims for a new growth spurt of at least 50%. An extensive update of the platform takes place every 6 months. The target? Making the algorithm even smarter and activating new features.

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