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Shift in the labor market: 65% leave the sector.

03 October 2022

No less than 65% of the people who are looking for another job today, consciously choose to leave the sector in which they are active. A remarkable statistic. A trend that you as an HR professional may be concerned about initially? But did you know that this phenomenon offers you opportunities instead of just threats?

These are remarkable times. Never before have there been more vacancies in Belgian companies. Never before have there been more long-term sick people. And never before have people chosen to radically change their careers. Because recent research shows that more than ever, people are leaving their trusted sector behind. But what reasons lead to this special phenomenon? We are happy to explain it to you.

The great resignation vertrek medewerker

Reason 1: X, Y and Z.

The era in which employees spend their entire career with one employer is long gone. Generations X, but especially Y and Z, continuously keep their eyes open for interesting job opportunities. Because their ‘happiness at work’ means so much more than a good salary and a position that suits them. A ‘good job’ today is about giving meaning, the opportunity for self-development, a pleasant work-life balance and yet sufficient challenge and responsibilities. In other words: a large part of the active working population is constantly scanning the labor market for opportunities.


Reason 2: Existential questions. 

The last few years have been very emotional for everyone and everything. In 2020 and 2021 we dragged ourselves from lockdown to lockdown for 2 years. A period in which we were obliged to put a temporary halt to our rat race. To pause.

Now that the play button (or the fastforward button) is pressed again, many people ask themselves the question: ‘Do I still want this?’ or ‘Is this all there is?’. According to a survey (Feb ’22 – Apr. ’22) by McKinsey, as many as 40% of the working population today think they will ‘change jobs within a year’. A reason to drastically reorient more than ever.

Reason 3: War for talent

The white raven is almost impossible to find. That is why many recruiters today also look beyond people with sector experience. Because relevant experience is often no longer available, companies choose to train people who have the right attitude. Consequently, it is increasingly the personality traits, cultural fit and learning abilities that make a candidate suitable or not.

In other words: more and more companies are also recruiting employees from outside their sector. Add this phenomenon to the above 2 reasons and you get the recipe for an unprecedented shift in the labor market.


Opportunity in retention and recruitment.

A trend has been set, but what can you do with it as an HR professional? These are the opportunities that you may not be seizing yet.


Have you identified the core competencies of your employees? And what are their personality traits or career drivers (read: why do I work)? Have you ever thought about guiding them in their search for a new position, but then within your own organization?

myCareerCompanion helps you with that. Because our platform identifies your human capital and ensures that reorientation no longer involves an exit, but puts your employees in the right seat within your organization.


Expand your talent pool by leaving the barriers of your sector behind. Feel free to invite interesting profiles from outside your sector and let our HR algorithm uncover their personality traits, career drivers, ideal company culture and so much more.

In this way we ensure that you are confident that your candidate, despite the lack of experience in the sector, is a match for the vacancy you wish to fill.

More information about how myCareerCompanion works? Read it here.

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