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SD Worx relies on myCareerCompanion

15 February 2023

Not just any talent pool


Emilie: “As a Talent Acquisition Partner, I am responsible for recruiting new employees within SD Worx. As in any company today, this is also a challenge for us. A challenge with two dimensions: on the one hand finding good people, on the other hand checking whether there is a match between our organization and their personality, career goals and so on.”

“MyCareerCompanion offers a solution for both dimensions: on the one hand, they have access to a talent pool, 365 days a year, 7/7, young and old, who are open to new job opportunities. On the other hand, they immediately have insight into how good the match is between their personality and the uniqueness of our organization, between their competencies and the skills requested in our vacancies.”

Interviews with added value


“We know that when myCareerCompanion forwards us certain profiles, objective parameters were taken into account that increase the chance of a sustainable match. That makes that we can approach our screening very differently.”

“We can go much more in-depth about who the person is, what his/her expectations are, and at the same time give a clearer picture of our organization. That only increases the quality of our job interviews, which often makes the match even better.”

Internal Mobility and Talent Development


And it doesn’t stop there for SD Worx. “We also use MyCareerCompanion for our current employees. Through the Talent Scan, for example, they gain insights into their talents, strengths and what they find important in a job. An accessible but high-quality way of career guidance. The result: you optimize career paths and internal mobility.”

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