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This is how you recruit the right staff

12 August 2022

Do you notice that your employees leave your company quickly or do not really match with your culture? Then it’s time to re-evaluate your recruitment strategy. In this article, you discover which factors you should take into account in order to recruit the right staff.

Challenging times in recruitment and selection

The scarcity of candidates on the job market makes it difficult for companies to attract the right candidates. In addition, many companies make the mistake of looking for candidates who fit perfectly within the picture they have in mind. Especially in the area of ​​competences and skills. This makes the number of potential candidates even more limited.

Hire for attitude, train for skills

It’s smarter to consider candidates for a job based on who they are and the extent to which they fit within your company. Skills can always be learned, the match with your company can’t. In addition, the skills required for a job are constantly changing, so they are only relevant for a short time. A sound training policy will make the difference here.

Recruiting the right staff: the 3 pillars

At myCareerCompanion, we believe that it is best to select candidates based on these three criteria:

  • Cultural match

How well does the person fit within the culture of your company? Are they people-oriented or more result-oriented? Do they attach great importance to structure and procedures, or do they prefer to work in a dynamic environment? These factors have a major impact on how the person fits into your organization.

  • Attitude

What is the candidate’s attitude? Does he look ambitious, motivated and professional or not? Does he have the right attitude towards work and others? “Past behavior predicts the future” can certainly serve as a stepping stone during the selection process. 

  • Learning potential

A candidate’s learning potential is about what the candidate can do now and what he could be able to do. To what extent will the person develop in terms of competences and skills? And to what extent is he willing to learn? This also involves a bit of attitude.

How does myCareerCompanion help?

Through our scientifically based career orientation platform, thousands of highly educated people come to us every year, who are open to new opportunities. We use questionnaires to map out their cultural fit, competences, interests and talents. Then myCareerCompanion searches for the right company and the right role for them, depending on the results. Thanks to myCareerCompanion, you therefore have an active eye on the labor market for your company, 365 days a year, 24/7, without making any effort.

Would you like to join forces with myCareerCompanion and enjoy all these benefits?  Contact us or request a free demo.

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