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Online recruitment channels: the 5 most important ones

23 September 2022

Do you have one or more vacancies and do you want to attract good talent quickly and easily? That can be challenging! Fortunately, there are several channels that you can use. We have listed the most important ones for you.


The most popular online recruitment channels: own website and job sites

Are you looking for new employees? Then it is of course a good idea to post vacancies on your own website. This way you reach potential candidates who already know your company and are interested in it. When you publish your vacancy on your website, you can easily link to the page from a post or advertisement.

Well-known online recruitment channels are websites such as those of the VDAB, Indeed or Jobat. These websites give your vacancy a large reach, both via the website itself and via Google. So this is a good addition to your other online recruitment channels.


Vacancies on university websites

An online recruitment channel that few companies think of in their search for young talent are the websites of colleges and universities. These schools connect with a lot of graduates or alumni who could be perfect for your company. By distributing your vacancy via their website, you immediately reach the right target group.


Advertising through social media

In addition, you can use social media channels such as Facebook or LinkedIn in your recruitment strategy. You can choose your target audience very specifically based on interests or previous work experience and you will of course also get a much better insight into the performance of the vacancy. How many people viewed the ad, actually applied, …

Keep in mind that research by Stepstone shows that 60% of job seekers take more than 3 months to change jobs. By means of frequent posts or advertisements via social media, you ensure that you remain top-of-mind with job seekers.


Google for Jobs

In addition to websites and social media channels, Google Jobs is an interesting recruitment channel. Many job seekers start their search for a new job through a search on Google. In addition, Google automatically matches the most relevant vacancies based on their search term and their location.

Finally, you can provide an automatic transfer to Google Jobs via some websites. This way you can suddenly reach many more job seekers with the same effort.



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