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myCareerCompanion gave Ward the best preparation for his future

23 March 2021

Ward, a first-year Master student Bio-Engineering, was looking for a suitable company for his internship. He had a few questions regarding his search and was glad he could use us as his companion. Ward was surprised by the outcome and got to know a bit more about himself.


  • How and to what extent did myCareerCompanion meet your expectations? What did you like about the platform?

I began my search for a company for my internship. Since there were so many options, I wanted to make sure I chose a company that matched my interests. In particular, I wanted to find out which kind of company I would like to work for in the future when I am looking for a job.

The questionnaires I filled out on myCareerCompanion were very valuable. It was an extensive and detailed set of questions which made the results really enlightening. You get explanations about the company cultures and, in this way, your dream jobs become very clear.

  • Let’s go back to the creation of your myCareerCompass. How did you experience the 5 questionnaires?

Personally, for me, some of the questionnaires went a bit smoother than others. This was because the questions about my personal interests required me to think less. In contrast to the category ‘Boundary conditions’, where I had to think more about questions I had never asked myself before, which I found pleasant. Do I want flexible working hours or a set schedule? How long do I want to commute for work? Do I want to work abroad? It’s good to think about this in relation to a future job. You also receive a variety of questionnaires, each with a different approach. That gives an enormous added value and makes you really

want to complete them. At the end of all the questionnaires, it revealed my dream jobs and my ideal company culture. The nice thing about the results was that it was a real confirmation, as it matched my interests and what I want to do in the future.

  • Did you learn any new things about yourself through self-reflection?

The company fit was a real eye-opener for me! I always thought that I wanted to end up in a company with a hierarchical culture. That’s because I watch series where that type of company occurs, and I thought I could have more career opportunities there, but that isn’t the case. It turned out that a clan culture would be a better fit. Before I did the tests, I had a couple of questions about the best way to start and complete a job search. I was happy to hear about the platform thanks to the cooperation of VLK with myCareerCompanion. Looking at the culture in my student association VLK and my student council, I notice that I really like that kind of family culture. Eventually, when I thought about my ideal company culture, it became clear and more logical why I obtained those results at myCareerCompass.

  • How did your myCareerCompass help you in your search for a job?

The questionnaires have given me a better idea of what I want. Today I dare to look beyond what I always thought suited me. Working or interning in a large consulting company seemed perfect to me at the time. Thanks to myCareerCompass, as previously stated, I discovered that company fit and a family atmosphere within a company is equally important and makes it feel more comfortable for me.

  • Next to myCareerCompass, the platform also has a myCourses part. What do you think about the courses that are currently available?

Very interesting! The courses listed on the platform are hugely comprehensive and practical. I particularly love the course about LinkedIn and the one about your resume. The courses are very specific, and I learned certain things like ‘the power of pitching’ that were never covered during my courses at university. I learned a lot during the course, especially when having a job interview where you have to pitch yourself.

  • Final question: what does myCareerCompanion mean to you now and how will you use it in the future?

For me, myCareerCompanion means: the best preparation for the future. When I actually start looking for a job, I will definitely use your platform again and take a look at the courses “Salary Package” and “Present like a president”. It offers me the ‘must-have’ preparation to start my search with confidence.


Also want to create a myCareerCompanion account? Click here.

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