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C-Clear Partners increases qualitative inflow of candidates

07 March 2023

Since last year, C-Clear Partners has been using the tools of myCareerCompanion for the recruitment of new employees. As a CRM consultancy company, they are active in one of the sectors where the shortage on the labor market is a big challenge. Rebecca Stevens, Principal CRM Consultant, explains how myCareerCompanion supports them in their search for quality profiles.


Rebecca: “C-Clear Partners is a CRM consultancy company that works through various platforms such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. We also have a department that focuses on marketing automation and marketing strategy. We are almost constantly looking for functional profiles for that department: people who can think along analytically, have strong communication skills and are involved in project management. It is in this quest that the myCareerCompanion service supports us.”

The perfect fit for a company

“MyCareerCompanion continuously has a talent pool of more than ten thousand candidates. These are all people who are open to new job opportunities and who use myCareerCompanion to determine the next step in their career. A scientifically based tool that provides more insight into your talents and offers support in mapping out your professional career. myCareerCompanion keeps the profiles that result from this in a database, which the algorithm matches with open vacancies from customers like us.”


Match made in heaven thanks to smart algorithm

“In addition to the necessary core competencies, we at C-Clear Partners find it important that an employee really fits within our company. We look for people who align with our company’s values. People who identify with our corporate identity.”

“And that is where the myCareerCompanion tools make the difference for us. From their database, the algorithm selects profiles that match our company profile. It makes its own initial selection after a thorough screening. A screening that pays off, because 90% of the profiles that myCareerCompanion forwards to us actually come to us for an interview. In this way, we were able to significantly increase the inflow of quality candidates last year.”

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