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Talent Tap and the speed of hiring

26 January 2021


February 2020: the moment when the collaboration between Perrigo and myCareerCompanion is established. January 2021: In the meantime, Perrigo has already welcomed three new employees via Talent Tap. Therefore we asked HR Business Partner Joke Moerkerke how this works and what makes this way of talent attraction so powerful.


  • As a Talent Tap user, you know better than anyone else how this proactive and innovative way of talent attraction works. Can you briefly explain this to our readers in your own words?

Talent Tap means that, from the moment we see opportunities in our organization to expand in the future and want to recruit extra talent for this, we immediately inform myCareerCompanion about the type of profile that we will need for this. In this way, your talent flow is already set in motion for us, while in the meantime we can further develop and shape everything internally. In this way, we gain a lot of speed in receiving suitable candidates.

When recruiting, we like to look for talents who can develop along with an organization that is growing. myCareerCompanion takes the time to get to know us as an organization and to understand our job functions. In combination with your extensive network of qualified talents, this means that we receive very valuable candidates in this partnership.

  • What reasons did/do you have for taking a more proactive approach to recruiting?

Especially the speed. By immediately informing you about the required profiles, even before there is an official vacancy, you are immediately a step further in the search. Thanks to your company culture workshop, among other things, you know us through and through so that you know perfectly which profiles fit our company.

  • What do you love most about Talent Tap? What do you think are the advantages of Talent Tap (compared to the traditional way of recruiting)?

Here as well I will answer speed (laughs). I think it comes down to the fact that this speed gives an advantage compared to the traditional way of recruiting. It may sound contradictory, but at the same time, this way of working also gives us time to view everything calmly. Because we contact you so early in the process and say which profile we are looking for (although this can always change during the process, it can become even more specific along the way), this ensures that you have time to find the perfect candidate. This advantage works for both parties, actually, since we don’t say that we have a new vacancy when we want him/her to have started yesterday, so to speak.

With traditional recruitment you always have the tension that the moment you are asked within HR to look for someone, that person should have already been there at that moment. If you still have to start up with your partner, that will take some time. So via Talent Tap you are earlier and you gain speed when you find someone, but it also gives you time to do a very thorough search and also to be able to compare a number of candidates. At the same time, as a customer, we are perhaps a little more patient because there is still a little more time than with traditional recruitment. In other words: Talent Tap also benefits quality.

  • To what extent does a forwarded candidate’s myCareerCompass report help in your hiring decision process?

Personally, I read the report mainly after the interview with the candidate. The reason for this is that I don’t want to be influenced in one way or another until I have actually spoken to someone. Afterwards, I mainly use it to see whether the report is in line with the interview conducted. So I rather use it as a kind of check or confirmation of my impressions. That is very personal, I know that other managers within Perrigo do read the report entirely before getting to know a candidate because it contains very valuable information. It is therefore certainly valuable for our organization. Moreover, I also think it is fine in terms of the way of formulating and designing what we need.

  • What extra tip can you give the readers to get a more proactive way of recruiting in the organization?

What I spontaneously think of is to communicate quickly enough about the plans you have, even if they sometimes change, because that also happens of course. Communication is therefore crucial. Keeping each other involved in the process also ensures that all parties continue to think along about how we can approach meeting our needs and what options can be explored. This really builds a partnership and I think that’s exactly where Talent Tap’s strength lies.

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