We love to be your partner offering graduates, PhD’s, postdocs and alumni the best possible career guidance. Co-creation is our middle name, so we offer flexible digital services in line with your strategy, needs and target audience. Together, we can help your students allow them to make the most of their talents. Moreover, we provide schools and universities with insights and data about the readiness and competences of their graduates.

Universities and schools

Career services

A career service pack can consist of:

  • myCareerCompanion access for your students​

Offer your students a valuable myCareerCompanion account including the courses of your choice. Our online, independent career orientation and learning platform will assist as a sustainable career companion for your students. In collaboration with Prof. Dr. Eva Kyndt new career courses will be added on a regular base. Also, co-creation courses are possible. 

Discover more about how our platform works here.

  • Workshops - Webinars

We are currently offering six workshops, each focusing on one or more specific topics related to the job hunt. Our experienced team of Talent Coaches makes sure that every session is the perfect blend of theory and practice.

  • Job fair services

Are you​ organizing a job fair? Give your visitors access to myCareerCompanion and let them use their enriching myCareerCompass as guidance during their job fair visit. Or get a short version of one of our workshops at your job fair, hosted by one of our Talent Coaches.


Business intelligence

myCareerCompanion offers universities, business schools, colleges and career centers accurate business intelligence about their students & alumni. Obviously, all data is being generated in compliance with GDPR legislation and in an anonymized way. 


Examples of valuable insights, amongst many others, are:

  • What skills do your graduates and alumni have? Which skills are they lacking?

  • What are their key career drivers? 

  • What preferred jobs do they have?

  • What type of companies do they want to work for?

  • What interests do they have? 


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