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Using myCareerCompanion helps to improve your job applications

As Robin recently graduated as a Master Industrial Engineering – ICT, his search for a suitable job begins. A search where he is happy to have myCareerCompanion on his side. That’s why we visited him (digitally) to ask him how he handles this job search.

How and to what extent did myCareerCompanion meet your expectations? What did you like about the platform?

At first, I thought it was “again” a tool that one has to fill out so many times when looking for a job. But soon it was clear to me that this wasn’t the case. It truly is a coaching platform that gives you a good orientation as an individual. When finishing the questionnaires, you get a myCareerCompass with all your results. You can also take this Compass into account when applying for other jobs. As a matter of fact, you could practically use it as a kind of second cv. Next to your myCareerCompass, you also have a myCourses part, where you can follow several courses to facilitate the application process.

Let’s go back to the creation of your myCareerCompass. How did you experience the 5 questionnaires?

It was nice to see a variation in the way of filling out each questionnaire. At one point, you had to give yourself a score from ‘poor’ to ‘above average’ on a number of skills, or you had to divide 100 points over 4 different options. It went smoothly, even though some questions returned in different questionnaires. I know this is meant as a check to see if your answers are consistent, but this was difficult at some points.

Did you learn any new things about yourself through self-reflection?

With my studies in mind, I thought I would only get IT-related job suggestions. And yet, ‘Eventplanner’ was also an option for me according to my myCareerCompass, this was the only non IT-related job suggestion. That sounded really interesting to me, as I wouldn’t have considered that initially. I didn’t see myself as someone who will do a lot of calls, but, after some self-reflection, I realized that I have strong organizational skills, so this option actually makes sense! The result of the suitable company cultures was no surprise to me. Clan was my top company culture: I like to work in a group and I like to see my colleagues as friends. So this was a good confirmation for me.

How did your myCareerCompass help you in your search for a job? Before having a job interview, I tend to take a look at my myCareerCompass. I use it especially during the interview to emphasize things that are important to me. The ‘my interests’ part showed that I am realistic, so when people enquire about my interests, I will emphasize this feature. Things that are not mentioned in myCareerCompass will get no focus during the conversation.

"Before each job interview, I tend to take a look at my myCareerCompass"

myCareerCompanion also has a myCourses part. What do you think about the courses that are currently available? During my last Master year, we had a course about the process of job applications. So I already learned that a good cv or a good first impression can be really determining. When I take a look at the available courses on myCareerCompanion, it looks quite complete and interactive. The courses surely can make a difference in the application process.

Final question: what does myCareerCompanion mean to you now and how will you use it in the future? I will especially use or re-use the myCareerCompass part of the platform. Suppose that I would start looking for a new challenge in the future, then I can fill out the questionnaires again so I can use my myCareerCompass output as a guide for my applications like I do now. In this way, I will always have an up-to-date version of my strengths, what I can emphasize, and what my attention points are so that I can improve myself.