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Giving reassurance made Kaily be charmed by myCareerCompanion

As of June, Kaily will graduate as an Event Manager in Office Management: Events & Creation at Thomas More. She became acquainted with myCareerCompanion through a friend who was very excited about the platform. After filling in the tests to obtain her myCareerCompass, rapport she was enchanted with the results of how accurate they were. A tool she will certainly use again in the future!

How did you come in contact with the myCareerCompanion platform?

I got to know myCareerCompanion through one of my closest friends. She was very enthusiastic about the platform, so I immediately created an account. First, I read about the platform on your website and afterwards I thought it would be definitely worth it. I really learned and found out certain things about myself I was doubting before.

How and to what extent did myCareerCompanion meet your expectations? What did you like about the platform?

I wasn't really coping with work-related questions because I am still going to continue my studies, so I am not yet looking for a job. I did go through internships during my studies and because of these experiences, it became clear to me that I prefer to work in a small company. That was reflected in the results and it was very pleasant for me to see this confirmation. I used to think that I would rather work in a hierarchical company where competition is part of the game but that is not the case anymore. When I look at the results of the tests, it completely matches who I am and what I want right now, that's really nice.

I also found it very pleasant to have the results written on paper after filling out the questionnaires. It gave me the confirmation that I needed ever since I started my current studies. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised by the wide range of courses. I saw there were some interesting subjects among them that I definitely want to buy in the future.

Let’s go back to the creation of your myCareerCompass. How did you experience the 5 questionnaires?

When I got to the tests, they were really smooth to go through because of the question styles and because you know yourself of course. After going through the tests and seeing my results, I really recognized myself in words like 'social contribution' at the section Career drivers. It completely matches my character and how people would describe me as a person. Therefore, I know the tests are really reflecting the truth.

Did you learn any new things about yourself through self-reflection?

I enjoyed seeing my interests, dream jobs, and company cultures on paper because it perfectly aligns with my field of study. I was never completely sure if I had made the right decision studying Events & Creation, but now I am. Even though there were certain things I didn't recognize myself in, I thought it was good to think about where that might come from. I had never thought about my healthy work-life balance in work before and I didn't know whether I considered it important. After I had gone through the questions, it turned out in the Career drivers section that I do think a balanced work-life is important. I know that I am a workaholic and that I can spend all day working on tasks I'm passionate about. But I do see in the results that it’s important to say ‘enough is enough’ and that I can enjoy my private life. I know that doesn't mean I want a nine-to-five job, but it's just crucial to have enough free time left.

Next to myCareerCompass, the platform also has a myCourses part. What do you think about the courses that are currently available?

I have already come across very interesting courses like "The power of pitching". I did learn to pitch during my education but because I'm not confident enough yet, I think it would be very interesting to buy that course because I believe it would help me.

I also want to follow the course "Understand your salary package" because that is something that you don't learn at school and must find out for yourself. So, it's nice to have all the information you need in one course. The course "Administration after graduation" is also partly in line with that, in my opinion. You don't learn these things anywhere and nobody really tells you how to deal with that. That’s why it seems very interesting to me to follow those courses.

Final question: what does myCareerCompanion mean to you now and how will you use it in the future?

I can certainly say that I will be buying more courses and when I start looking for a job I will look back at my results. In that way I can see if my competences match with the competences that are required or expected for new studies or jobs.

I really do recognize myself in the results. I can always go back and look at them again if I want to see if a job matches my values and interests. Because I will be gaining new experiences after my next studies and internships, I can fill out the questionnaires a second time. When I will be graduated and looking for a job, I can check if I think differently about certain things or if I have changed.